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MediaSpecs: the whole media landscape in one search engine

  • Bilingual online database
  • Up to date data from ALL advertising media in France (contact information, advertising rates, editorial specials, etc.)
  • Source of inspiration and information for communication specialists
  • Users: media agencies, advertising agencies, PR agencies, advertisers and other media professionals

Watch the online demos (FR) about convenient features such as searching in MediaSpecs, broadening and refining selections and how lists can be managed and exported.

Discover how we can help with your search throughout the whole media landscape.

Qualitative information for media professionals

Media planners in companies

MediaSpecs shows which media will interest your customers. This facilitates your understanding of the various possibilities and serves as the foundation for further planning.

Media planners in agencies

Media planners are in need of a complete view on all possibilities, including useful and detailed information. MediaSpecs collects all media, advertising rates, editorial calendars, and contact information (commercial and editorial), reach figures…

Media companies / Publishers

MediaSpecs offers visibility among media planners to all media companies, putting their specific media offer in the picture at the right moment.

Testimonials from our customers

  • “MediaSpecs is the tool for any advertiser who wants to have complete and reliable information from all media in Belgium and Luxembourg. Together with the CIM website, MediaSpecs answers all questions of my internal customers, without having to disturb my agency. The monthly newsletter gives me a brief summary of all what moves in the Belgian media landscape.”

    Yves De Voeght (Media Manager, Coca-Cola Belgium)

  • “For six months now, A.S. Adventure uses the MediaSpecs database. On one website, the most up to date data of all different media are collected. In a quick and simple way, you have access to the most accurate media information, allowing us not to bother our media agency to get quick information about release dates or prices. Very time efficient.”

    Greet Anthoni (Media & PR, A.S. Adventure)

  • “MediaSpecs is a great initiative! I used it from the beginning. This platform is necessary in our industry and is user friendly, complete and constantly up to date. What do you want more?”

    Charles Henry (Client Leader, Mindshare)

  • “As a regular user of MediaSpecs, I particularly appreciate the function that allows me to export in Excel my selected titles with their key information. Furthermore, the newsletter informs us about new, disappeared or changed media. MediaSpecs is a practical tool that you have to discover!”

    Muriel Leclercq (Media Coordinator, MediaCom)

  • “Especially in our planning of B2B print media, MediaSpecs is an indispensable tool. You’ll find in a few clicks all the magazines that are read by the intended target audience. But also for buying, it’s a useful tool: the time-consuming work to collect rates and delivery data is converted to a minimum thanks to MediaSpecs. I could not miss it!”

    Reinhard Vandenbergh (Account Director, DM&S)

  • “MediaSpecs offers us and our customers clearly added value: as a sales house, we now get more orders than before. Advertisers find it hard to get an overview of all the advertising opportunities. The MediaSpecs search engine responds to this problem.”

    Peter de Vester (Managing Partner, Moizo)

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