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MediaSpecs for editors and sales houses

Extra leadgenerator

Publish free or charge your media products in MediaSpecs, so they always appear in the media selections of potential advertisers.

Always "in control"

Through a personal “Portfolio”, you can always access your own data in MediaSpecs. Also recent covers can be added here.

Editorial Specials

Editorial Specials are a way to establish new commercial contacts. The free mention will help you not to miss any opportunity.


Send us as soon as possible the advertising rate cards and editorial calendars of all your media. We add everything in the search engine, so you can check all information on your Portfolio.

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Would you like to consult the full database? These are the special subscription conditions for media companies.

More information?

Contact us or consult the FAQ.

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Announce news

Bring new initiatives and important changes to the attention of media professionals. Send your press releases to

Promote media

MediaSpecs makes it able to promote your products to the media industry. Contact us for the possibilities.

Explore other media

You know your competitors very good, but it’s still interesting to follow the broader media landscape in order to optimize your own media. Check out the rates and contact us.